Hey bloggers, nice to meet you again 😀

     Now I’ll give you my story about my new experience, yes absolutely you can guess what I’ve done from the tittle of this post.

     Okay I’ll share you a little of my story, a few days ago me and my agent has got a demand to make an android application. It’s only given for 5 days to finish it, and then we must face our boss to present our application.

     We’re so stressed and confused, but it didn’t make us to surrender. So we’re tried so hard to focus searched some reference and learned how to make a simple android application that can access a local data.

     We start it with search and find some inspiration for our first android application. Then I’ve got a concept for our android application, that is makes a gallery boutique application, and my agent was agreed with my concept.

     We’re agreed to decide our task. I was trusted by my agent to build and make the program, and I requested my agent to make the user guide of this application and power point for our presentation.

     In the middle of my attempt to make this program, I was surrender. I apologize to my agent because I think I can’t finish it. But my agent still believing in me that I can finish it and my agent have a dream that our application will be the best if we can do our best.

     Some positive energy has come into myself, I saw my agent almost finished her task, even though the program is not ready. So, I began to dream that I could finish the application. And another enlightenment has come to us, my agent remembers that she has a friend who has good skill in Java programing, and she was sure that he is can help me to finish this project.

     In the end, we met up with him and we build this android application together using Eclipse in Java programming. Do you know? I start it just in 2 days before the dead line. It was give me some pressure, but I tried to be relaxed in finish this application.

     Okee, enough for the story, now I start to told you about this android application. I used Eclipse for the software that using Java programming. In this application, I need to build 12 CLASS of Java, and 6 android XML.

Look at this picture, this is my first page interface of my boutique gallery application.

first page

     In XML, I built it with background layout, 1 text view, and 2 buttons. In the class, I give the “toast message”, that is “Welcome to The Gallery Boutique”, and 2 branches for “view gallery” button, and “exit” button.

     For the main page, I’ll give you full source code below.

This is the first class source code.

Main.class (java1)

main.class (java2)

And then this is the first XML.

android XML (first page)

android XML (page1)

     In the branches of view gallery I call hal1.class with intent, it will bring you go to the next page, absolutely next XML and next classes. For the exit button, I built 2 condition, when you click the exit button, it will show you a message window like “Are you sure want to exit?” if you choose “yes”, the program will finish and bring you out from this application. But if you choose “no”, you will stay in that page.


     Okay, I can’t give you all the source code, because it too much and too long. I will show you the result of my first android application in some screen shoot below.

The 2nd interface of my application.


     There’s some menus of clothes category, that is blouse, dress, and pants. I make this menus in grid view. Indeed, after the pants menu, there’s an exit button, but it isn’t visible because that page supposed to be scroll.

Next page is, when I choose one of the menus (ex: blouse), it will show you a grid gallery view like this below.


     And when I choose one of the option from this blouse gallery (ex: I choose the 2nd picture), the selected image will be expanded like this below screen shoot.


     and this function is applies to every menus that I’ve made.

     For the first time I run this program in my AVD (Android Virtual Device) in my laptop, after I saw there’s no bug and the “Log Cat” is not appear in my Eclipse, I tried to run this application in my own android phone. Surprise, it works properly.

     Me and my agent were did a little sigh and absolutely praise to our Lord that made us success in make our first android application. And the next day, we’re gone to face our boss and presented it in front of him.

     Okee, I think it’s time for me to go again, thank you so much for visit my blog and absolutely for read my posts. Still keep waiting for my next post, because I’ll be right back with another my experience, see yaaa 😀

Special thank’s to :

absolutely Pita (my agent, whose never got bored to cheers me up when I surrender)

Rama (my agent’s friend, whom willing to give his time to teach me with so patiently)

Ka Fahrul & Ka Dii (my senior, who gave us reference)


Thank’s for everything 😀


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